Adventure… A State of Mind

by | Aug 11, 2011 | Our Blog

Adventure… A State of Mind

Adventure is a term that we normally associate with the young.  The truth is that you can lead an adventurous life at any age; it is a state of mind, not just a state of age.Tandem Jump

Need some proof that adventure doesn’t stop at 50:

  • Grandma Moses started painting when she was 64.
  • Michelangelo designed the dome in St. Peter’s Basilica between the ages of 72-88.
  • Stradivarius fashioned his two most famous violins when he was in his early 90’s.
  • Mary Baker Eddy established the Christian Science Monitor when she was 87.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum when he was 91.
  • Peter Drucker wrote “Management Changes for Turbulent Times” when he was 89.
  • Noah Webster published “An America Dictionary of the English Language” at the age of 70.
  • Pablo Picasso produced a remarkable series of 347 etchings at the age of 86.

To be adventurous you don’t have to look very far.  Whether it is taking an online course, learning a new skill, volunteering, or any new challenge can be an adventure.  If you are looking for a new adventure try contacting your local community college or the Institute for Learning in Retirement, 1-800-220-0458.  Through the AARP website you can participate in lectures from the top universities around the world and even take a course from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Robotics.  And, if you are looking for self-fulfillment, then why not provide meaningful work through volunteering. is a great resource where your skills and interests are matched with opportunities in your community. 

We have seen that the adventurous life is not just for the young.  Adventure is about creativity, personal growth, purpose, and accomplishment.  Adventure allows us to thrive.  What will be your next adventure?