Special Family Packages

Often times we find that families are searching for options, yet their elderly loved ones are hesitant to receive help from outside sources.  Our Special Family Packages allow both parties to ‘put their toes in the water’ and try-out our Stay At Home® in-home services.Home care

  • Wake Up Call — We’ll check-in first thing in the morning to help your loved one ready for the day — a breakfast made to order, tidy-up the house, and we’re out the door leaving your family member to enjoy their day.
  • Lunch Date — A nice opportunity to break-up the day with a homemade, nutritious lunch and companionship.  We can also start the laundry if you like and freshen up the house.
  • Around the Town — Most people choose our Stay At Home® services so their loved ones don’t have to.  One of the most difficult situations to overcome is when the freedom to drive is taken away.  Our caregivers provide this freedom once again by driving your loved one to the library, social outings, maybe even to visit a friend.
  • Turn-Down Service— Just to make sure the day went smoothly, we’ll check-in to ensure that meals were eaten and prescribed medications were taken throughout the day.  Identifying issues prior to bedtime can prevent falls during the night.  We can also help to tidy-up the kitchen, get ready for bed, and maybe help to start a memoir or read a book before bed.
  • Driving to the Doc — Getting to the many doctors’ appointments are sometimes difficult.  We’ll drive your loved one to their appointments, stop by the pharmacy if necessary and enjoy a nice lunch, especially if fasting was required for tests.
  • Super Supper Special— A great option for busy families who may not have the time to prepare dinner for loved ones every day during the work week.  We’ll cook supper, clean-up, store away leftovers, maybe play a favorite game, enjoy light conversation, and say goodnight.
  • Day-Timer– This is our full-service companion care package which includes 8-12 hours of total companion care and services.
  • The Weekender— Maybe you have a relative who lives with you and you need to get away for the weekend.  We’ll jump right in, so you can enjoy your time away.
  • Live-in Care – The most affordable around-the-clock alternative providing peace of mind —  knowing that someone is always there.
  • Overnight Care – Early to bed, early to rise we will be at your side.

Our other packages include:

  • Out-patient surgery—We will provide transportation and up to 12 hours care.
  • Day surgery – We will drive your relative or friend to their procedure and provide up to 24 hours of care.
  • New Mom – As a new mom you realize that can’t do it all, but we can help with laundry, meals, and light duty housekeeping.  (Sorry, no child care.)

Our Family Packages are often times the most economical option for families.  Our packages are priced based on results; not the service hours. We would be happy to assess your situation to see if a family package can meet your needs.