Compassion is a strength in our world today.

Stay At Home was founded as a means to provide Compassionate Entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate a business where “You Can Do Well; By Doing Good For Others.”

As you learn about Stay At Home, you’ll recognize that we offer a remarkably rewarding career experience, as well as a life-enriching one. Stay at Home franchise owners are given an unparalleled opportunity to prosper financially while enjoying the satisfaction of knowing
they’re making a difference. 

Our primary mission at Stay At Home is to “Equip and Serve Compassionate Entrepreneurs” for a life of rewarding service to the elderly and the ill.  We provide proven methods, experienced guidance, solid training and a robust support system.  

 Our continuing success depends on our choosing individuals whose spirit, character and dedication mirror our own; and who balance determination to do well for themselves with a compelling desire to do good for others.  We seek only those candidates who believe in strengthening our position as #1 in the compassionate in-home care market.

Interested candidates are carefully evaluated through a series of activities including executive interviews; third party personality screenings; group interviews; reference checks; and background investigations.  We are very careful in choosing who becomes a member of our Stay At Home team.  We are looking for those who want to make a real difference in the lives of others, those we call “Compassionate Entrepreneurs”.

If you are interested in learning more, then we invite to fill-out the form below to begin your journey.