How do you know when your loved one needs assistance to stay safely at home?

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Our Blog, Senior Care

stay at home

When you have an elderly parent living alone, it’s not always easy to know when they need help.

After all, this is the person who raised you, kept you safe and secure, and prepared you to go into the world. It’s hardly surprising if you have a tough time deciding at what point they need help in turn.

But everyone needs help eventually. At Stay at Home, we often discuss the evolving needs of the elderly with their loved ones. When we do, we generally focus on three areas: personal, environmental, and emotional.

By personal, we’re talking about how well your loved one gets up and prepares to face the day. Let’s say your mom was always immaculate, not a hair out of place or a speck of dirt on her clothes. When you see her now, is she is often disheveled or unbathed? If so, that can be a warning sign.

Environmental factors point us to how well the home is kept up. Was your mom always a tidy housekeeper, but now the house is a mess? Is the refrigerator empty, or is the food in there old and past its expiration date?

Finally, your loved one’s mood indicates how they’re doing emotionally. If your mom was naturally cheerful, or at least even-tempered, is she now angry, depressed or unresponsive?

Any of these indicators can be a warning sign. If you think your loved one needs help, please get in touch. We’re happy to help you review your options, and the consultation is free.

We will tell you if we think your loved one needs a companion care service, but we will also let you know if we’re not the best option. If, for instance, your mom lives alone and suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s disease, she may well need to be in a memory care unit. In that case, she should not be alone.

If, however, she just needs help keeping up with life—having someone to help her get ready for the day, get to appointments and social engagements, keep the refrigerator stocked and healthy meals prepared, talk about what’s going on in her life, Stay at Home may well be a perfect choice.