Let Stay at Home be Your Taxi Service

by | May 21, 2014 | Senior Care

portrait of a female taxi driver with her new cab

We call ourselves Stay at Home, but for one Tennessee couple the service might be called “Get Out of the House.”

We’ll call them John and Mary. He’s pushing 90. We’re not going to say how old she is. John and Mary live in an assisted living facility that takes care of most all of their needs—except transportation. Their children live out of state, and they don’t want to rely on taxi service.

That’s where Kathy Bush from Stay at Home of Knoxville comes in. Kathy is John and Mary’s transportation, taking them to doctor’s appointments, church, social engagements, shopping, and an occasional movie. John just recently gave up a teaching career, so he’s plenty bright, but sometimes he’s forgetful. So Kathy goes into the doctor’s appointment with him, making sure that both he and, later, his family get the information they need.

She takes John to church and goes in with him. They get some lunch before they get back to the assisted living facility. She takes Mary to medical appointments as well. She takes them both shopping. And of course, she takes them to the movies when there’s something they want to see.

Kathy is John and Mary’s transportation, but really she’s more than that. In a very real sense, she gives them their independence.

We hope you think of us if you have loved ones in this situation. You can’t always take them out, even if you live nearby, but we can. Just remember: no matter how much you love your home, it’s good sometimes to get out of the house.

This story was provided by Ryan Crawford, owner of Stay at Home of Knoxville. You can reach him at rcrawford@stayhomeweb.com.