The Senior Housework Challenge: We Keep Your Home Spruced Up So You Can Enjoy It

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Our Blog

The Senior Housework Challenge: We keep your home spruced up so you can enjoy it

Research demonstrates that the elderly want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Yet the older a loved one gets, the more difficult independence becomes. We believe companion care can help. Over the coming weeks we will discuss how companion caregivers can help overcome 10 major challenges faced by the elderly and by their families and loved ones. Please contact us at 888-791-8449 or Stay at Home if you have questions or would like more information.

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Routine household cleaning is important in many ways to a senior citizen living at home.

Or course, a messy, cluttered, unkempt home can easily be a safety hazard. Fallen items and piles of old magazines turn into an obstacle course and eventually lead to falls. Items stacked on shelves threaten to come down at the worst possible moment. And expired food and drink in the refrigerator present their own challenges.

A messy house can also be a more subtle hazard. Elderly family members are already fighting sadness and depression in many cases. Not being as mobile as they once were, they’re forced to stay in this depressing environment, much of the time alone. Cheering up becomes even more difficult when your home—your castle—looks like a disaster area.

Oftentimes, your elderly loved one will be unable to do the housecleaning alone. Imagine having to do as simple a chore as vacuuming when you have severe arthritis or you can’t get around without a walker.

That’s why we at Stay at Home focus on helping your loved one keep that house neat, clean, well maintained, well lit, and cheerful. We do light housekeeping that includes …

  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Making certain there is food in the refrigerator, and it is fresh. (Expired food in the fridge is often an early sign to family members that an elderly person needs assistance)
  • Light cleaning
  • Making sure burned-out lightbulbs are replaced

On top of that, we are available to help with special projects.

  • Do you need things off a high shelf? We’re glad to get them.
  • Is it time to clean out a closet and organize? Your wish is our command.
  • Let us help you organize pictures, memories, whatnot.

Just remember, a clean castle helps keep the spirits up. We love helping to make it so.