Transitioning From Hospital To Home

Let’s say your elderly mother is just coming out of the hospital. If you’re lucky, the whole family has gathered around for the homecoming. Neighbors and friends have brought food. For a couple of days, she has all the love and care she needs.

Then what? What happens when family and friends go back to their lives. This is the most important time in your mom’s recovery, and it is one of the most dangerous; do it wrong and she could be right back in the hospital.

Rehospitalization is a real risk, especially for the elderly. More than likely, your mother has been given new medications, so her old regimen has been interrupted.  She also may be feeling weak.  The thought of getting out of her chair for a glass of water is daunting, let alone preparing a meal.

For these reasons and more, elderly people are more likely to return to hospitals for dehydration, malnutrition, and failure to take medications as prescribed.  If your mom feels weak due to lack of food and hydration, then she may be at a real risk of falling.  Breaking a hip at this time; could be life threatening.

Hospitals are not in the business of letting you heal. They are too busy, and they are too expensive. Hospitals are in the business of getting you stitched up and stabilized. The healing happens back home.

Fortunately, Stay At Home caretakers are in the businesses of giving your elderly parents the support they need to make it through this critical time. We make sure your mom eats right and gets enough fluids. We make sure she takes her medications on schedule. We get her to doctor’s appointments and give her some company during this stressful time.

We do not have to be there for a long-term commitment. Even two or three weeks can make the difference between a smooth recovery and a trip back to the emergency room.

So let us know if your loved one is getting out of the hospital and can use some support.

Senior Family