We help keep discharged patients out of the hospital

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Our Blog

Hospital Staff

If you’re a hospital administrator getting ready to release an elderly patient, then you’re asking yourself a very serious question: How do we ensure that the patient will be OK once they get home?

While every case is different and every patient unique, there are general questions that will help you decide what kind of support your patient will need moving forward. We have combined these questions into a simple care assessment tool.

In short, you must judge your patient’s physical capability and mental competence. As you can see, each patient will fall within one of four quadrants:

  • Mentally capable and physically able
  • Mentally capable but physically unable
  • Physically able but mentally incapable
  • Both mentally incapable and physically unable

The best case, of course, is a patient who is in good shape both physically and mentally. Typically, you will need to do little more than wish these folks well.

In other cases, however, your patient has physical or mental challenges—or both. These cases are what we’re here for. Stay at Home is a companion care service that gives your patients the same excellent care they were receiving in your facility.

  • We make sure they are keeping to the schedule of medications you sent them home with.
  • We see to it that they eat properly and get plenty of water.
  • We give them the reminders and encouragement they need to stick with stretches and exercises they need to continue their physical therapy.
  • We provide a wide range of other services that help keep their recovery on track.

As you well know, many hospital readmissions are avoidable, so let’s avoid them. We at Stay at Home are just the ones to keep your patients at home, happily on the road to recovery.

Please get in touch if you think we can help.