We’re the best at keeping seniors happily at home

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Our Blog

Home care

There are many choices you must make when a loved one needs help with the challenges of day-to-day living—choices not only about which service or facility to use, but also about which type of service or facility.

We reviewed in an earlier post the types of help that are available when your elderly mother or father can’t take care of themselves. The choices range all the way from facilities that provide round-the-clock medical attention to services that offer occasional transportation to the doctor’s office and grocery store. Your choice will ultimately rest both on the needs of your loved one and on your budget.

Companion care services such as Stay at Home can’t provide the intensive medical attention you would find at a skilled nursing facility. Our strong suit is helping the elderly to stay at home whenever possible and to be as independent as possible. We’re very proud of the role we play in keeping the elderly living independently in their own homes. After all, this is what most senior citizens want whenever possible.

The table below shows why we believe our service is absolutely the best when it comes to keeping senior citizens in their own homes, happy and safe. Please contact us for more information.

Client & Family Needs Stay at Home Medical Service Nursing Home Assisted Living Adult Day Care
one-on-one care
Preserved level of independence
Devoted daily companionship
Light duty housekeeping
Organization &
home care
Round-the-clock care
(up to 24/7)
Mental & physical stimulation
Transportation &
Personal hygiene reminders
Care in comfort & security of home
Nutritious meal preparation
Medication & therapy reminders
Pet care
Affordability $$ $ $$$$ $$$ $