What happens to your mom or dad after they fall?

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Our Blog

Elderly Woman's Hand

So your elderly parent took a fall and went into the hospital. What comes next?

There’s nothing we would like more than to assure you they’ll come home and get right back to life as they knew it, but that’s not how it usually works.

Falls and other accidents are harder on the elderly than they are on younger people. Depending on how badly your parent is hurt and how quickly they recover, there are a number of possible next stops after a hospital stay.

Often, your loved one will be admitted for acute rehabilitation, where they will get short-term intensive help. Depending on their specific needs, this assistance may include physical therapy, occupational, therapy, speech therapy and psychological counseling.

After acute rehab, the next stop falls into four general categories.

  • For patients who are in the worst shape, skilled nursing facilities provide round-the-clock medical and nursing care and help with daily activities.
  • For patients who don’t require constant medical attention but still need help with daily activities, there are assisted living facilities.
  • Patients who need only minimal help may find themselves in an independent living facility. These facilities are much like other apartment or condominium communities, but they are geared to the needs of seniors and people with disabilities, taking care of maintenance and yard work and offering other services.
  • The luckiest patients get to go home, where most seniors say they want to be.

Even the lucky ones will likely need help, either for a few weeks or for the long haul. That’s where we come in. Stay at Home offers companion care services customized to your unique needs. Whether your mom or dad needs help with meals and chores, someone to talk to, or just a ride to doctor’s appointments and the grocery store, we’re here to help.

Please let us know how we can help you.